Bathing Tips to Care for a Senior’s Skin

Bathing Tips to Care for a Senior’s Skin

Skin irritations should be avoided in seniors due to many reasons. If they are having chronic illnesses such as diabetes, a minor skin scratch can already take time to heal, and this can lead to other complications. Also, their limited mobility can result to pressure ulcers and other skin breakouts, which can make infection possible. With proper skincare steps, a senior’s skin can be protected from these unwanted complications.

If you’re helping your aging loved one in taking a bath, you need to pay careful attention to their wet skin as it can be more prone to injuries. Here are some tips we can share that we also apply at our Residential Care Facility in Rancho Palos Verdes California.

  • Use Doctor-prescribed Skin Moisturizer

    Every person has a unique skin type and so does your elderly family member. This means that not all skin moisturizers available in the market are good for their skin. Identify which type of skin your loved one has. Afterward, seek for their doctor’s recommendation for the ideal moisturizer for their skin.

  • Mind Incontinence Issues

    When a senior person has incontinence difficulties, they may experience skin rashes as a result. Ensure that these incontinence problems can be treated. When necessary, get their doctor’s advice as to how these issues can be medicated. In our care home providing Assisted Living in California, we can provide safe and comfortable transportation for your loved ones as they visit their physician for a checkup.

  • Wipe Gently

    In cleaning your loved one’s private parts especially when you need to change their diapers, ensure that you wipe the skin parts gently. You may also apply skin-friendly oil as you wipe these areas to prevent rashes.

  • Pat-dry After a Bath

    We may be accustomed to wiping our body with a towel very quickly without minding about how this can potentially scratch our skin. We do not mind this since the younger skin is tougher. However, our aging loved one’s skin is more fragile. So instead of rubbing with a towel, pat-dry their skin instead, to avoid the chances of stretching it unnecessarily.

The above tips are among the familiar steps you can take in caring for a senior person’s skin when they’re taking a bath. However, you can do some more.

Your loved one’s diet is also essential in ensuring that they have healthy skin. Ensure that their diet is filled with nutritious elements such as fruits and vegetables. As we provide Elderly Care in Rancho Palos Verdes California, we see to it that the dietary needs and requirements of our residents are complied with. So when your loved ones are under our care, their skincare needs can also be addressed in the meals we serve.

Is your senior loved one living alone at home? Why don’t you consider moving them to Pacific Sunrise Homes? Our staff and facilities are equipped enough to meet their unique needs. If you have related inquiries, contact us.

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