Diabetes Management: What to Remember when Exercising


Here’s the downside of diabetes: once you have it, you’ll have it for life.

Yet, that’s not all there is with diabetes. This chronic condition is very manageable especially if you have assistance every day. In our Residential Care Facility in Rancho Palos Verdes California, we give our diabetic residents with the proper care and monitoring they need.

In managing diabetes, there are many things that the patient needs to do. These include the following:

  • Monitoring their sugar level every day
  • Being mindful of their diet
  • Checking the skin for any wounds
  • Exercising daily

For this post, we would like to highlight exercising. As an Assisted Living Home in Torrance, we promote group exercises among our residents so that they will all be encouraged to exercise on a regular basis. If your loved one is with us, you can trust that they will follow an active lifestyle in a sociable manner.

What should you keep in mind when your loved one with diabetes needs to exercise? Read on.

  • Wear Appropriate Attire
    From a comfortable action clothes to the rubber shoes, ensure that your diabetic loved one is putting on safe attire. Their clothes or shoes may cause scratches or blisters on their skin. You cannot risk these minor wounds because these can get infected easily for people with diabetes.
  • Eat Sweets Before Exercising
    You will need the doctor’s guidance to know which sweets are fit to eat and how much they should eat. Load up on these carbs before exercising to help maintain their sugar level. This helps recover the lost sugar since your loved one will sweat up in the course of the routine.
  • Do Stretching
    As a provider of Elderly Care in Rancho Palos Verdes California, we also remind the importance of stretching before and after the actual exercises. These stretches serve as warm-ups and warm-downs so that their muscles will not be too stiff as they exercise.
  • Use Combined Routines
    Don’t just stick to the same exercise activity every day. When you use combined routines, your loved one will gain from the different benefits of these varied activities. For instance, strength training exercises help reduce their weight. At the same time, cardiovascular exercises enhance their balance and prevent falls.
  • Get a Companion
    This is a great experience that our residents have. In our facility for Assisted Living in California, we provide group exercises to provide quality companionship in seniors who want to maintain the active lifestyle. Aside from the motivation, companions can also provide immediate assistance if ever diabetic complications occur while exercising.

Final thoughts:

When it comes to diabetes management, getting help is very important. So if you find that your loved one’s condition needs further level of care, consider relocating them to Pacific Sunrise Homes. We have a qualified team to care for them. For recommendations on receiving quality elderly care, call or send us a message!

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