How to Monitor a Loved One’s Medication Adherence

How to Monitor a Loved One’s Medication Adherence

Adhering to one’s medications can pose as a great challenge to many seniors, particularly when they need to take more than one medicine in a day. However, when they are unable to adhere to their medicines as scheduled or prescribed, they may go through unpleasant consequences that can affect their overall health.

In our role as a provider of Board And Care Home in Torrance, we have recognized that medication adherence greatly improves a senior person’s well-being. With that, we share the following tips on how you can monitor that your loved one is following through their medications as required.

  • Create a Medication Calendar

    Consider this as your DIY calendar. A large white board that can be placed in a conspicuous area at home will do. Ensure that the medications are also easily accessible in the same room. The details written on the calendar serve as visual reminders for your loved one to know which medication to take. Afterwards, you or another assistant can tick off a particular entry to verify that the scheduled medicine has been taken.

  • Utilize a Pill Organizer

    Very much like a medication calendar, the pill organizer can help your loved one monitor their medications at designated time. Pill organizers are easily available in a nearby pharmacy. Each box in the organizer should be filled with the designated medicine and when that box is empty, it means that the medicine is already taken.

  • Assist a Medication Intake

    In our Assisted Living Home in Torrance, we still recognize however that personal assistance means a great deal in medication adherence. While medication calendars or pill organizers promote your senior loved one’s independence in medication intake, someone should still follow through what they’ve taken so that you can ascertain whether proper adherence has been carried out.

  • Set Medication Reminders

    With today’s technological innovations, medication reminders can now be made more up-to-date. You can use a mobile phone or an actual medication alert system to set off at home when it’s time for your loved one to take their medicines. With these gadgets, your loved one can be motivated to take their medicines as scheduled.

However, in more serious cases when your loved one is living alone at home or when they are in need of round-the-clock care, it might be ideal to relocate them to our Residential Care Facility in Rancho Palos Verdes California. In this second home, your loved one will be attended to by professional care providers who will ensure that their medication schedules are complied with, along with other concerns that need administration.

Because of our experienced providers of Elderly Care in Rancho Palos Verdes California, you can have the peace of mind that your aging family member’s well-being will be sufficiently monitored. You will now worry less about their well-being especially if you’re living miles away from them or if your caregiving time is limited.

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