How We Ensure Senior Safety During Bath Times

How We Ensure Senior Safety During Bath Times

As an Assisted Living Home in Torrance, we create an environment of safety and comfort for your loved ones under our care. We want them to experience a sense of second home in our facility and extended family among our staff.

Safety is very important for a senior’s wellbeing. When they feel safe, they are also more confident to participate in different activities and engage in quality conversations. As a result, they will have better wellbeing. In providing Assisted Living in California, we know that bathrooms are places where seniors can feel less safe. For that reason, we observe safety measures so that our bathrooms can be a place where seniors can enjoy in.

Here are some of the safety implementations we set in bathrooms:

  • Build Grab Bars

    Elderly persons can lose their balance that easy with a minor slip or trip on the floor. The grab bars are their items of refuge as they hold on to them. They can help maintain their balance and prevent falls.

  • Non-Skid Mats

    Our bathroom floors also have non-skid mats so that our residents can walk confidently inside. They will not be afraid to slip or slide even when they are taking a shower. Non-slip mats keep them steady in their place. For your home, you may select non-skid mats with creative designs to add aesthetics.

  • Bathroom Lights

    The bright lighting in bathrooms also assists residents who have vision challenges. They can walk around with confidence because they can see where they are headed or what they are stepping on. As a Residential Care Facility in Rancho Palos Verdes California, we put up bright lighting not only in bathrooms but also in every area of our facility.

  • Bath Seats

    We recognize the importance of bath seats in keeping senior residents safe inside the bathrooms. They no longer need to stand while taking a bath as this can put them at risk of unwanted slips. With bath seats, they can enjoy taking a bath on their own while the feeling safe.

  • Toilet Seat Risers

    For some senior residents who will have need of it, we also recognize the use of toilet seat risers. This device enables a senior to sit down or stand up easily without the fear of falling.

  • Hand-Held Shower

    When taking a bath, it is also advantageous for seniors to have closer access to the shower. When they have a better control of the shower, they will see bathing as an enjoyable and safe activity.

  • Cleared Floor

    We have care providers who always maintain the areas where our residents frequent in. When there’s no clutter around, there’s also a safer ambiance.

As we provide Elderly Care in Rancho Palos Verdes California, you can trust that your loved one’s safety is topmost in our services. So if you’re considering for an assisted living facility for your aging loved one, call Pacific Sunrise Homes.

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