Senior Care: How to Prevent Unwanted Falls Outdoors

Senior Care: How to Prevent Unwanted Falls Outdoors

As a trusted provider of Elderly Care in Rancho Palos Verdes California, we work towards preventing falls in our senior residents. We know that even one minor fall can already put them at risk of injuries. Some injuries are treated easy while others are life-threatening. So we are very careful that our elderly loved ones have the protection they need indoors or outdoors.

When our loved ones are outdoors, there are different fall hazards that they can face. This may discourage them to go out at all especially if they have already experienced a fall in the past. What can you do to comfort your loved one’s fears in going outdoors?

Here are some helpful recommendations we would like to share:

  • Assess their Mobility Aids
    The use of mobility aids helps our aging loved ones to feel independent. The freer they are to move around, the more confident they can be in their wellbeing. It is important that we assess if their mobility aids are fit for use in a particular outing. If necessary, make a daily evaluation of their canes, walkers, or wheelchairs.
  • Check the Road
    When checking the road you’re passing through, ensure that there are no hazards on the way. These hazards include protruded rocks, tree stumps, tree roots, and even an elevated pathway. Even as you assist them, shift your eyes on the road and back to your loved one to ensure safety. If your loved one is also residing in our Board And Care Home in Torrance, we have care providers who can help you in assisting them.
  • Walk Slowly but Surely
    Our aging loved ones no longer walk as quickly as before. When they walk slowly, keep in their step and exercise patience in doing so. Remind them to take small steps every time so that they will be able to maintain their balance. Care providers in our Elderly Care Home in Torrance can also aid your loved one in these outdoor walks.
  • Select the Appropriate Footwear
    The shoes they’re wearing are instrumental in helping your loved one to walk safely and with balance. Always ensure that they’re putting on well-fitted footwear especially if they have chronic conditions such as diabetes.
  • Exercise Every Day
    In our Residential Care Facility in Rancho Palos Verdes California, we advocate for our residents to have everyday exercises. These are routines that their doctor or therapist approves. Maintaining the active lifestyle is going to increase their sense of balance, thus, preventing falls.

At Pacific Sunrise Homes, we understand that the needs of our senior loved ones continue to increase as the years pass by. So aside from fall prevention, we also provide other care services that can improve their quality life in the long term. If you’re looking for recommendations on quality elderly care, call us about that.

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