Sssshhh! Tips to Protect Your Ears from Excessive Noise

Part of the natural decline in the elderly is the changes in their hearing ability. Some seniors may even need hearing devices to assist them. This makes it even more essential for us to ensure that the ear conditions of our senior loved ones are cared for. While you can anticipate for serene and noise-managed ambiance in a Residential Care Facility in Rancho Palos Verdes California, this may be very hard to achieve at home or in your neighborhood.

However, we believe that there are still many things we can implement at home to care for our loved one’s hearing especially in terms of noise reduction. Too much noise is a bad contributor to ear health. Here are ear care tips that we can recommend.

  • When your loved one can still do gardening activities, such as mowing the lawn, let them wear protective ear gears. These protective devices can preserve their ears from the loud noises caused by the lawn mower. Whenever their work environment is noisy, encourage your loved one to put on ear protection.
  • Remember to reduce the volume of stereos at home. Whether you’re listening to music or watching a movie, loud volume can already be noise. Remind your family members to observe this ear safety precaution as well.
  • When your senior family member loves to listen to audio devices on their own through earphones, remind them to let their ears rest from time to time. Also, ensure that the volume through their earphones is just enough to protect them from unnecessary noise.
  • If you’d like to bring your aging loved one to a live sports event, anticipate the loud noise from the cheers of the crowd. But this shouldn’t keep them from having a good time. Let them wear earplugs so that even in these conditions, they can still have their hearing protected while enjoying the events they’re watching.
  • Inside your vehicles, it’s also important to keep the audio volume lower. Since cars are usually closed, all the music or noise can easily be contained inside. With too much volume, it can be harmful to their hearing. Remember to put the volume lower when you’re out driving with your aging loved one.

In our Assisted Living Home in Torrance, we put extra care in the living conditions of our elderly residents. We recognize that their overall situation, including their hearing preferences, has to be cared for. We have a serene environment that is ideal for seniors who prefer a peaceful, quiet, and enjoyable environment.

When the living arrangements of your senior loved one at home are already putting more risks to their health and wellbeing, be open to moving in facilities providing Assisted Living in California. You can trust that these facilities will provide the same quality care and attention that your loved one needs and deserves. You can inquire from us at Pacific Sunrise Home so we can help you out in making this important decision.

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