Ways to Help Seniors Manage Their Incontinence Issues

Ways to Help Seniors Manage Their Incontinence Issues

Incontinence difficulties are considered normal when a person reaches senior years. As part of the age-related issues that people face, incontinence challenges should be something we need to be prepared for. In our Residential Care Facility in Rancho Palos Verdes California, this is one of the elderly challenges we provide assistance with. We recognize that by managing bladder problems, a senior person can develop confidence in their own again.

Here are some tips you can share if they want to find ways how to control their incontinence difficulties.

  • Train for Bladder Control

    With assistance from their doctor or healthcare team, your elderly loved one can undergo training to help them control their bladder. Hopefully, this helps them establish better bladder control.

  • Pelvic Muscle Exercise

    This is a form of exercise that strengthens your loved one’s pelvic muscles. When these muscles gain strength, they can learn to stop the unexpected flow. This exercise involves squeezing and holding their pelvic muscles for a certain amount of seconds and then letting it go. Ask your doctor for proper ways to do this so your loved one can comply safely.

  • Monitor Bladder Release

    Another option that you can do is to monitor how often your loved one empties their bladder in a day. When the pattern is found out, you can already schedule their frequency in going to the restroom so they can release their urine even before leaking happens. When your loved one is in our Board And Care Home in Torrance, they will have assistance in managing this step.

  • Implement Dietary Changes

    The food and drinks that your aging loved one take can also contribute to their incontinence issues. For instance, if they keep on drinking fluids, they can also be at risk of leaking very often. You might want to adjust their drinking pattern from big glasses to smaller sips every so often. Some foods, such as spicy ones, can also irritate the bladder and lead to more instances of incontinence issues. It may be helpful to minimize these kinds of foods.

  • Take Medicine

    In some situations, your senior loved one may need to take medications to help control their bladder. These medicines should be prescribed by their doctors as undesirable effects may happen if patients self-medicate. If you think your elderly loved one needs this kind of treatment, consult with their physician right away. However, when your aging family member is in our Elderly Care Home in Torrance, we can comfortably transport them to their medical appointments.

At Pacific Sunrise Homes, our goal is to help you preserve and promote the welfare of your loved ones in their elderly years. In their age, quality life should still be possible and attainable. They can enjoy this quality life when they have proper care and supervision especially if they relocate to our Assisted Living Home in Torrance.

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