Why Your Senior Loved One Needs to Eat Breakfast Regularly

Our aging family members will need to have their meals monitored as their appetite can lessen in time. More importantly, you have to ensure that they’re eating their breakfast. Along with this is the diligence to check if what they’re … Continue reading

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How Assisted Living Benefits a Senior Who is Facing Depression

Ever noticed your aging loved one not going out of your home for several days already? This is just one of the many symptoms of depression. Sadly, depression is a mental illness that doesn’t exempt anyone. It can be your … Continue reading

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The Dawn Phenomenon: Is Assisted Living a Friend or Foe?

The dawn phenomenon is typically experienced by loved ones with diabetes. This is a condition wherein the person’s blood sugar increased in an abnormal rate approximately between 2 AM – 8 AM. While there are many reasons why the dawn … Continue reading

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Clean Home for Seniors: 5 Amazing Benefits of Housekeeping

Can you still remember the wonderful feeling of being in a hotel room? The bedsheets are well-tucked. The furniture set is well-arranged. All supplies are ready. The aroma of cleanliness and freshness prevails. Don’t you just wish your room is … Continue reading

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Finding the Motivation to Exercise

We all know how important it is to exercise on a regular basis, but the problem is finding the motivation to do so. We all have been through it when we tell ourselves that we will exercise the next day, … Continue reading

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