How Pacific Sunrise Home Resolves Top 5 Senior Transportation Challenges

How Pacific Sunrise Home Resolves Top 5 Senior Transportation Challenges

The senior person is not encouraged to stay indoors for the rest of their lives. The outdoor life holds its own benefits for people of all ages. In addition, seniors also need to attend to vital appointments outdoors, such as laboratory examination, family gatherings, and even religious services. However, transportation can be a challenging factor for people in the elderly population.

For this reason, our Residential Care Facility in Rancho Palos Verdes California provides transportation services for our residents so that the following mobility challenges can be conveniently and comfortably addressed.

  • Driving Issues
    In the years that get added to a senior person, their driving skills can also be affected by age-related factors. An elderly can get visually challenged, arthritic pains can make it difficult to step on the brakes, and some hearing difficulty may arise, making it difficult for them to hear honking alerts. Our facility of Assisted Living in California provides a transportation option for our seniors so they don’t need to drive on their own. Our staff will transport them from and to our facility wherever they will need to go.
  • Difficult access to public transportation
    Some seniors may have difficulty accessing the public transportation stop points. Due to limited agility and speed, they may not be able to get to the bus stop on time or they may even have difficulty climbing up the vehicles. With our provided transport services in our ASSISTED LIVING HOME IN TORRANCE, your senior loved one can get to their chosen destination comfortably and easily.
  • Fast timing on the subway entrance
    Subway entrances have time limit in their opening and closing. This can be challenging for slow-moving senior persons to get inside or outside on time. With our transportation service, they will not need to worry about the timing of the subway entrance.
  • Less transportation on non-peak schedule
    A lot of seniors also prefer to travel on non-peak hours of the day, when there are lesser commuters using public vehicles. However, public transportation services also tend to travel less on non-peak hours, decreasing the options of a senior person. However, when a transport service is made ready for them, they can always be certain about having ready transport medium.
  • Feeling like a burden to others
    Seniors can be sensitive especially when they feel that they’re depending on other people about their personal needs such as transportation option. In our BOARD AND CARE HOME IN TORRANCE, this transport service is already part of the deal, so they don’t have to feel like someone is being disturbed with their outdoor appointments.

Are you concerned about the travel needs of your senior family member daily? You have every reason to be. However, our transportation services at Pacific Sunrise Home are specially designed to meet these basic mobility need of our residents. When your beloved aging parent is under our care, you wouldn’t have to worry about the safety, convenience, and comfort in their every travel.

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