Factors to Consider when Moving your Senior to a Residential Care Facility

Factors to Consider when Moving your Senior to a Residential Care Facility

As a person ages, he/she may reach a point in his/her life where he/she cannot live independently anymore. The decision to move your senior loved one can be stressful for you both as there are a lot of financial and emotional issues to deal with. But the decision to move your loved one to a residential care facility should be taken seriously. You need to take into account some factors including the following:

Your Senior Loved Ones’ Needs and Wants

Deciding to move your loved one to a senior care facility is intended to ensure that his/her needs are met. However, it is also imperative to think about what he/she wants. Keep in mind that he/she will be leaving the home he/she has made an awesome life with his/her family and he/she could be spending the rest of his/her life in his/her new residence. As family members, you can easily concentrate on other aspects of the move including the cost but ignore your loved one’s wishes. Spend time talking to him/her so you both agree on what’s best for him/her.

Available Options

When it comes to senior living, there are lots of options to pick from. Before finalizing the move, get information on the right option for your senior. Every state is different in terms of senior communities and financing. It is important for families to know the laws. Depending on where the senior care funds would come from, the senior may have to consider downsizing his/her assets to get funding.

All Aspects of the Move

From the time you decide to move your loved one to a new residence, planning must start. Where and when will the move be? How much will it cost him/her and how will that be paid? Is anyone available to assist his/her move? How will you make sure he/she is comfortable with the move?

Moreover, moving your loved one to a new residence does not have to be your own responsibility. You can ask the help of some relatives, friends or even neighbors. When the moving day arrives, ensure you have each detail planned to ensure your senior won’t experience any anxiety.

How He/She Settles

After the move, it is quite common for a senior to suffer from feelings of loneliness and isolation as he/she first move into a residential care facility in California. Help him/her avoid such feelings by staying involved in his/her life during the first few months in his/her new house. Make frequent visits and do whatever you can to help him/her have a smooth transition. Think about incorporating some meaningful belongings into his/her new surroundings. Try to make his/her new room feel like his/her first home with photo albums and furnishings.

Our facility will serve as your senior loved one’s second home. Know more about our services by calling us at 310-500-7223.

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