How Assisted Living Benefits a Senior Who is Facing Depression

How Assisted Living Benefits a Senior Who is Facing DepressionEver noticed your aging loved one not going out of your home for several days already? This is just one of the many symptoms of depression. Sadly, depression is a mental illness that doesn’t exempt anyone. It can be your teenager, yourself, or your aging parent. Add to this, depression is a risky business not only for their mental well-being but also for their physical health.

In our Residential Care Facility in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, we provide many opportunities for our residents to enjoy their golden years. We recognize that while there are many triggers of depression, and aging is one of these, we can still do something to avert the occurrence or reduce the chances of a senior person getting it.

Why don’t you try and visit us at our Elderly Care Home in Torrance? We would like to show you the ways we can help our residents hold depression at bay.

  • Safety and Security
    Our residents are being housed in a safe and secure location which you can visit regularly. They can clear their minds off from the fear of falls or whatever incidents that may trigger their negative thoughts which can lead to depressive tendencies.
  • Healthy Meals
    We see to it that our residents are always served with healthy and balanced meals. We recognize that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Having a good physical condition contributes greatly to your elderly loved one’s healthy disposition.
  • Proper Medications
    Some forms of depression can be triggered by the side effects of medication or non-adherence to it. In our Board And Care Home in Torrance, we ensure that our residents have taken their medications on time. We also communicate their medical needs to their primary physician should they have unpleasant reactions to their meds.
  • Quality Social Life
    In our facility, our residents are not left all by themselves. While they can still do things on their own to promote their independence and dignity, we see to it that they are supervised. As a result, they can be able to spend quality time with other seniors and with our staff as they do things together or even have meaningful conversations. Socialization is a helpful way to push depression at bay.
  • Room for the Active Lifestyle
    Many seniors are not very inclined to commit themselves to the active lifestyle. However, once they know they get to exercise with fellow seniors, they can be enticed to participate. In our Assisted Living Home in Torrance, they will have this opportunity with other seniors, thus giving them more room for engaging in the active lifestyle.

These are just among the many ways that we can assist your aging loved one to overcome the episodes of depression. At Pacific Sunrise Home, you can trust that we work with you, your loved one, and the rest of their care team to ensure that they can always be their best version of themselves.

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