Today’s Q: Is it possible to achieve healthy aging?

Today’s Q: Is it possible to achieve healthy aging?

For some reasons, most of us dread the idea of aging. The moment we see some wrinkles on our face or we feel some pain in our joints and muscles, we just know that we are nearing the age of seniority. For some people, they welcome aging as it is. They adapt to the changes in their body but at the same time, they also exert effort in taking care of their overall health.

Many of us have already changed our beauty arsenals into something that fights off aging. We invest in expensive creams and pills that promise us that it will maintain our youthful glow. For those who can afford to have some botox or some derma care, they invest on surgeries just to make sure that they still have that vibrant looking skin making them look as if they have not aged at all. For years, we have defined healthy aging as to the number of pills and creams that we apply to our skin.

What we do not know is that these chemical products are not the answer to healthy aging. Our lifestyle and our diet make aging healthy. Because there is no such thing as the fountain of youth, we are yet to find out whether it is possible to achieve healthy aging or not.

Today, on the blog, as one of the trusted Residential Care Facility in California, Pacific Sunrise Home can give you some tips on how to achieve a natural healthy aging. The secret is found in your lifestyle and your environment.

  • Find Balance in everything

    We have heard a lot of things to be avoided the moment we reach the age of fifty. We should not drink hard liquors anymore. We must only eat meat at least twice a week. We must avoid junk foods and preservatives because these can easily result in diseases such as hypertension and high cholesterol. But it seems that despite how we do our best to avoid all these things, we still get sick.

    Avoiding all the unhealthy stuff and purely focusing on doing everything that we think is healthy cannot give us that youthful glow we want to have. We need to find balance in our lives. We can still have that piece of steak that we have been craving for dinner but just make sure that we also have enough fruits and vegetables to make it easy to digest. We can still have our glass of wine but not to the point of being dead drunk.

    Finding the right balance can be achieved when we have a personal caregiver who is there to remind us of the things that we should do and help us be mindful of everything we do.

  • Having enough rest

    Sleep is for the weak, they say. Maybe this is true for the young ones because they can do many things despite the lack of sleep. But this can never be true for seniors. If they do not get enough rest the previous night, they tend to feel tired and dizzy the next day. They also become less enthusiastic to do things or it can lower their immune system making them vulnerable to diseases.

    What most doctors advice to senior adults is that they get as much rest as they can. They sleep early at night, take some naps during the day or relax during the afternoon. They should not be stressed out about small things because it can greatly affect their mood and mental health.

  • Have regular visits to the doctor

    Not being absent in doctor’s appointment can create a positive impact on the health of the seniors. Their health is constantly monitored and should there be any defects found, it can easily be detected and treated by the doctor.

    Healthy aging is possible. Your senior loved ones can achieve this too if they are given the right care they need and they have a positive environment.

For more tips on healthy aging, our experts at Pacific Sunrise Home, a trusted residential care facility in California can help you with that. You can call us at 310-500-7223 for details.

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