Senior Relationships Aid in Happy and Healthy Aging

Senior Relationships Aid in Happy and Healthy Aging

Positive emotions can largely affect your overall health. Feeling joyful and happy can decrease your stress levels by causing some physical differences in the patterns of your heart rhythm. For instance, when you are anxious or angry, your heartbeat can become more unstable and impact your ability to clearly think. Also, if you are in a good mood, you may engage in healthier behavior such as making smart choices of food and performing exercises.

Because of the significance of staying happy to healthy aging, you have to look for ways to maintain a positive outlook. You can achieve this by nurturing and growing relationships with your family, peers and friends.

Why You Should Avoid Social Isolation

Elderly people can be susceptible to social isolation which results in depression and loneliness. The quality of your current relationships can have a big role in your ability to stay content and happy in life. A number of research shows that elderly people who remain socially active tend to have higher levels of wellbeing in a lot of aspects of in life that include the following.

• Emotional health- Staying close with family, peers and friends can help in warding off loneliness that puts elderly people at risk for depression and functional decline.

• Physical healthy- Elderly people who are socially active may exercise and experience less chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular issues or osteoporosis. A lot of them also have lower blood pressure and better eating habits.

• Mental health- Maintaining relationships in older adults can help in sharpening their mind, minimize the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and increase cognitive function.

Being in a Romantic Relationship

Having somebody who is around you at all times and care about you can be excellent positive reinforcement to practice healthy habits. Your spouse will remind you to eat healthy and get enough sleep. Forgetting about these things is easy but these habits are necessary to stay on top.
However, the benefits of healthy relationships to health go beyond just positive reinforcement. It is quite helpful to have a dependable partner nearby to give you support if you are feeling down so you avoid depression and emotional problems. Companionship has a stress-reducing effect that cannot be overstated.

As a senior, being in a romantic relationship means that you don’t have to struggle finding connections as you already have a meaningful one to depend on. A romantic relationship can be a great way to fight off feelings of being isolated and alone and can offer the benefits of social connection even to a higher degree.

Building Relationships for Seniors in Assisted Living Facilities

Aging can impact relationships in life. An older person may move to a new place following retirement or loved ones may pass away or fall ill. Chronic loneliness is linked with many health issues such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, dementia and difficulty sleeping. That is why relationships are necessary in enhancing healthy aging and quality of life.

Moving to a residential care facility in California like Pacific Sunrise Home is an excellent way to stay socially active. This facility recognizes the significance of socialization and provides seniors different opportunities to interact with others in various activities including fitness and wellness classes, communal dining, outings, scheduled social events and lifelong learning classes. It is imperative to think of maintaining life relationships to be as essential as eating a healthy diet and performing exercises every day because relationships are necessary for healthy aging.

Staying happy can be easier said than done and seniors have to strive to maintain such happiness to age healthily. Growing relationships with residents within a residential care facility is a positive step toward maintaining good health.

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