The Difference between Residential Care and Home Care

The Difference between Residential Care and Home Care
If you are considering between finding a Residential Care Facility in California, such as Pacific Sunrise Home, or a home care service, it is important to weigh both the pros and cons. Both services are great and they are wonderful ways for you to get the support you need. However, depending on your health, lifestyle, and many other factors, one service may be better for you than the other.

  • Residential Care

    Residential care is a service that provides support and housing to senior citizens who cannot live at home on their own anymore. We are like a family that provides you with the care and support you need within our cozy community. We offer many different kinds of services and amenities that will surely make your life with us easy and fulfilling. However, do you need residential care? If you feel like that living on your own is too challenging or difficult because of your age, then you may want to consider moving into our community.

  • Home Care

    Home care services offer the same kind of care and support you can find at a residential care facility, but in the comfort of home. However, these services are for people who can still stay at home comfortably on their own. If you are just simply getting too old, if you are disabled, or if living at home is becoming too much of a hassle, then home care services may not be what you need.

  • Determining What Service You Need

    If you are trying to figure out if you need residential care, or if you can get by with a home care service, you have to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself how hard or easy life is for you at home. Are you having a hard time with even the smallest things at home? Do you feel like you need someone to provide you with assistance around the clock? If you answered yes to these questions, then a residential care service may be the best thing for you.

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